Meri Dua

Meri mukhtasir si dua ho tum Meri muntazir si nigha ho tum Mera deed tu, Tu hi meri zindagi ka naqsh ho tum Tu ny hosla deya tou myn jee uthi Meri zindagi ka sukoon ho tum Mera jism tumsy jora howa Meri akhiri dua ho tum #Aishakhan



Internal motivation

I myself cannot define success for you because it is impossible The only person capable of defining success for you is neither me nor anybody it is only you that’s right only you can define success for yourself and the reason why I say this is because every sees success differently for example some people think that having a big mansion and a super car will make them successful but unfortunately this is not the truth because success does not need a mansion or a car what it needs is talent and effort but not only doing effort or having talent is going to make you successful in order to become successful you need to know how to define success and after you do this you have to do three things first you need to set a goal but remember that if you and your goals aren’t one if they…

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Internal motivation

Courage by definition the ability to do something that frightens one. Everything in this worlds needs a seed, root or a foundation just like a tree. And that seed, root or foundation is courage. Courage is the thing that gives you a platform to build on. In life, the thing that allows you to move forward is having the courage to say yes to new challenges in life. Courage is the understanding that fear becomes a progress and being nervous transforms into excitement. Courage is believing in your ability so strong that you allow discomfort in your life because you know that you can turn the today’s discomfort into the tomorrow’s comfort. The world around us is an opportunity. The life we are living is itself an opportunity. Some people close their eyes and ignore it and simply walk by it while some people chose to see it courage is never closing your…

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I hadn’t told them about you,

But they saw you bathing in my eyes,

I hadn’t told them about you,

But they saw you in my written words.

I remember her deep, dark, alluring eyes,

Like the veil of sin and shame,

Will never be draped over them,

By misfortunes and passion.

She departed from my sight,

And entered my thought,

The shine ran out but ignited a spark,

It melted me like winter,

Giving in to spring.

I fell in love with her genius,

The way she’d paint beauty with sorrows

Her boyish giggle,

It was rather beautiful, the way,

She put my insecurities to sleep,

The way she dove into my eyes,

And starved all the fears,

Tasted all the dreams she kept,

Coiled beneath my bones.

But… Tonight the stars bleed,

The darkest night you’d ever see,

She is the wide gaping void,

To my only need

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