East Pakistan Setting the Record Straight



Night 25/26 March 1971

In Chittagong Major Zia Ur Rahman, pronounced Mazor Jia second in command 8 East Bengal Regiment later Lieutenant General, Chief of Army Staff and President Bangladesh killed his Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Janjua and announced Independence of Bangladesh!

West Pakistanis and Biharis in Chittagong were mercilessly killed after being mutilated by Bengalis! Chittagong Medical College was the scene of inhumane killing of West Pakistanis!

Chittagong the second largest city of East Pakistan was also the main port for shipping and Naval Base!

All East Bengal Regiment Battalions a total of eight infantry battalions as well as East Bengal Regimental Center revolted and mercilessly killed, mutilated their West Pakistani Officers plus Non Commissioned Officers and their families and started running away to India fully armed with vehicles.

All East Pakistan Rifles Wings equivalent of Rangers in East Pakistan revolted, mercilessly butchering their West Pakistani Officers, other ranks…

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