The passionate dreamer!


tomorrowland.jpgI wince to see my dreams shatter, I was the one with conjuring dreams. I strongly believe in dreams and I prowled for my dreams but I was unmindful to what I was doing. I could see malignants in my dreams as obstacles ” They won’t allow me to follow y dreams. I just wanted my voice to reach my dreams. It is been said ” Follow your dreams, no matter where it takes you. It feels awesome and strange when your own dreams don’t let you distract from your goals. Same thing happened to me but it was hard to believe and understand what really happened in my dream. I walked striding down the stairs so nobody can notice as to what I was doing. I opened the greasy door to the dark basement when suddenly something whispered in my ear ” You won’t get whatever you want”. Although I was broken and was chained by my dreams. Everything seems so dramatic When a strange creature popped up in front of me. He seemed human yet he wasn’t, He was holding gravels for sure he was threatening me and my dreams. There was no way no way to go out, all the doors were locked with this obstacle staring in the face I couldn’t decide where to go. It’s funny how sometimes an obstacle might have a sweet voice.I wished if it could be my friend but it refused to go with me, But I promise him that I won’t change my track and will free those who are suffering, No matter where my life takes me to. He told me his tragic story, He was once just like me but he changes his track and now he is suffering.

Nothing is known of the details but everything points to a desperate struggle.

His last words were” Think what you might do with your dreams”. Now I have to think of nothing but my own self, Nothing can stop me. I thought it would be worthwhile to devote my dreams to those who deserve it. George was my imagination, He was executed by malignants in his dream and never woke.Everything was done deliberately, When I tried to touch that creature, I was arrested because he was nothing but just my imagination.

Following my dreams was the only way to get away from this situation. I was really upset to see the destruction of juvenile dreams. George was still on my side and nobody knew this. I did not know what to do next, I was a shabby, poor and mindful person. I found it that it was impossible to complete.

I decided to finish all the malignant out of my shabby mind. I wanted to speak cruelly to them but I won’t use any of my power. George was a quiet thoughtful young boy. It was easy for him to think of finishing anarchists which he already started.It seems that the young have gone mad. I think I did the right thing to stop George from fighting with malignant.

I told young George that something must be very wrong, something important, I must go and speak to them myself. I softly told George to follow me wherever I am going.

All of sudden I saw a strange and ugly creature, At first I didn’t know as if he was a human malignant but then I realised that he was one from that malignant. I wanted to talk to them but I was scared.

I realised at last how wicked they had been to execute the dreamer. I cursed them that” they won’t get whatever they wished for because of their evil deeds. He was still the wicked creation, After listening to everything and had not changed. He took out his sword and called his followers to fight us.

They could have done anything to harm me. We decided to run away. We could not understand what had happened and stared at each other in confusion, It was George who killed malignant.

H was prepared to kill anyone to defend me. Because I was the only one who can free them from this curse.

The words of those devils never mean wat they seem to mean. I begin to cry loudly in fear and horror. I promised George that I am never going to give up. George was my only friend in dream’s land who helped me.

I have shown to the malignant of the Dreamer’s land ” Human can be much kind to each other than they think. George always wanted to save my life nor to lose. But I can’t live here in Dreamer’s land Although I never wanted to leave George but I have to. I don’t know which way lead me to my real world, I was anxious to know which way lead to my real living world.

The only way to return to the real world would be death.  Wo is going to kill me? The only person I know is George but for sure he won’t kill me. I thanked him for whatever he did for me in this mysterious journey. But in return, George said, ” I’m too much coward to kill you, the one who mean to me”. I said” It has to be done then only you can live your life and will be free from the clutches of malignant.

He was delighted but at the same time, he became sad. ” Perhaps if it can be the truth” his eyes were filled with blood tears. I was pretty sure that something bad happened to him. I questioned him ” What you mean by this George?

” I am dead” he yelled! and at that time I was trying to breathe life into dead George. but it was of no use. My heart was completely broken. George was just my imagination, he has killed cénturies ago. He came here to know the reality of dreams but he changed his track.  
He wanted to live here free forever but he was trapped by the same malignant, who were trying to get me away from the track. And in return, George lived here forever in the slavery. 

I did everything for the freedom of George and others who were trapped in wicked tricks of evils. This place is beautiful and attracted but I want to live rest of my life peacefully and quietly. I am preparing for my death. 

Well if he will not kill me, then he must learn from the result of his own actions. Now it’s time for me to go back to my real living world. George never wanted to hurt me but the world seems to turn into red and black in front of my eyes. He gave me a bowl full of poison drink. When he was giving poison to me his tears were falling onto the wish flower of dreamer’s land. He just wanted me to suffer little pain and live. His wish was not to live because he was fed up of living such life. but he wished that I must tell the world” never change your track, Follow your dreams”. 

I screamed in pain and finally died on the ground before him. He was deadly crying and his tears were falling onto my face and I was unable to wipe them.

Believe me, these were the sad times in my life. I’ve heard somebody saying” Such sadness makes us say wat we and other feels about us. We who are young will never see so much pain in our lives. And I realised that his courage n cleverness had saved me from the slavery.  And taught me to believe in dreams, however, malignant made to believe that life is full of obstacles and a truly brave man can pass through it. 

It is been said;

” Coward dies one thousand times, And a brave man dies but once”.


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