Is Behavior key to success or hard work?


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The spartans

Every human wants to become successful in his life. When a child is born, a father and mother want to see their child to be successful and when that child turns into a mature mind his/her parents support him/her to become successful. When you are successful you have respect in your society and everyone greets you with smile. We have many well-wishers around us like our relatives, friends, teachers and most importantly our parents. But all they can do ialbert-einsteins to motivate you, its you to inspire them. You have to find out what way will help you the most to become successful person whether its your behavior or hard work. In my opinion, these both things are equally important in order to achieve success. Definitely you have to work hard to get success but if your behavior is unacceptable you will not get the actual success. Suppose, you…

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