Which is the key of success? “Hard work or luck”

The spartans

Every single person in this world has its aim and goals which he strives for. But what if he/she works hard every day and still fails in achieving it. What’s the reason behind? Is it a result of bad luck or lack of hard work?. It is a very serious question and I am going to answer it. In my point of view, both things are important to succeed in life. Success cannot be achieved without hard work. Hard work cannot prove itself to be fruitful without luck and luck cannot favor you without hope.

There are few small steps to walk on the right path of life. Among them believe is the first step to move on. Until you do not have believe in yourself then you can’t prove yourself what you want to. Just make sure nothing is impossible in this world. Even the word itself tells us…

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13 thoughts on “Which is the key of success? “Hard work or luck”

  1. This is nothing. Succuss is illusion of human mind. everyone is perfectly successful if we can be fluctuate the measurement of succcusful like everyone can be god, we can change the stubborn defination of God.

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  2. Great post I really think a combination of both is needed. I recently started a blog about my law school experience check it out if you have a chance.


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