2 -feburary-2003:

it was a sweet humming tune with a beautiful midnight dream where I saw myself standing in front of a big crowd and was handed a first prize in the debate competition. when suddenly a woman in my dream snatch my trophy with a hard slap on my face. suddenly my eyes open she was my mother who was shaking me with her hard hands and slapped me on my soft face. then I realized that my duty starts from 12 February onward it was my first day of school. I ate breakfast and packed my new branded school bag. I went to school, there I felt alone and strange. Everybody seems rude to me as if I had done something wrong to them.  I notice one girl standing quite, I thought that maybe she’s the new girl in school too. I went to her and said that “Hey friend”.she did not respond me.Again I asked her “By the way what’s your name?” finally she replied me with her soft tone ” Hello my name is Amber what’s your name?I told her my name . hearing my name she said I heard your name somewhere near to my home. I told her that “I m your neighbour. The bell ringed and now it was the time to go to our new class we were both new student in the class. we sat together in the class. It was the first  English class the most boring I have ever seen in my school life. finally, the time came to go home. I and Amber went home together. Coming back from school my younger brother was shouting for the first the first time I beat my brother and started him to cry for the rest of the day. My younger brother name is Owais, used to tease me so much that sometimes I beat him with my hard heel slipper. After some hours I used to realize that I should not have done this, then I used to buy chocolate for him or play oggy and the choco roaches fo him e loved it so much in order to make him happy. M life became more beautiful with my new best friend Amber. Everything was so normal. The next day was our trip to Quaid e Azam library. We went there and explore many things, I was the most interested girl in my class to get knowledge about our political crises and in Pakistan Army. We were about four hours then we get back to school. Dania asked me that ” why are you so interested in Pakistan Army, what they will give you”. I replied her with my soft tone” I don’t want anything from my Army what I want from them is to defend my nation, what I want them is to secure my people” I hope my consequence is clear to you”. Our class was history in which  teacher Paras gave us much interesting information about our Army, but I was too interested in politics that I asked many difficult questions from my teacher. That was the reason my teacher gave me the title of “Shahab” which means “bright”. The bell ringed and it was our home time, I and amber were on our way when I saw a dead body for the first time in my whole life.I was terrified and left my friend Amber behind and ran to the home. My father asked me the reason I told him that “Abu I saw a dead body covered with blood”. My father told me that” You have not seen anything yet”.

To be continued…..


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