Horrible day of my life.



I was sleeping in my room at about 3:00 am on April 5 when I woke up I noticed strong voices and lights of the military vehicles on the outskirts of the city I was not having any idea about what is happening here. When I woke up and  started preparing me for school I saw that the way from where we always go to school blocks today so how we will go to school because today was my history test we prepared ourselves for this test, I was so excited but with that I was worried also because of the military vehicles I reached late to school, the teacher asked me why you came late, “I replied that I came late because of the military vehicle they were not allowing to go to school because of operation against terrorists” then she asked me what freedom is? .Write some quote about freedom, at that moment I became quite and thinking of her question. I told my teacher that she really gave me a tough and challenging questions. After a minute, I replied, “Mam freedom is something that every human should have. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, I copied that quote from my brother’s diary. And the fact that we have freedom of religion doesn’t mean we need to try to have freedom from religion”. That day was the most terrible day for my best friend, unfortunately, she died in a bomb blast when she was coming to school for the last time, you will not believe me that she was in such a condition that I faint. Our class teacher told us not to come to school from tomorrow onward, I was not expecting this from my teacher the one who used to say do not stop yourself from getting an education because education is the only way to stop terrorism. It was 4:00 p.m when we all friends gathered in our school auditorium I was standing near a mike when somebody shout “do we have to suffer the same condition like amber suffered” that was the moment I realised that “yeah we all are afraid of terrorists”. I believed in hard work and peace, I encourage many of those who are close to me to work hard for peace. Though many people fought for peace and even they sacrificed their beloved ones, but it seems that peace won’t prevail without blood shades. Why do we need to fight for the sake of peace? The condition of the city becoming worst and worst. I made a plan with my family for a picnic, we went to the mountainous area, and the people of that area was kind and loving people, the beauty of that area you can’t imagine the happiest life. We were about 6 hours there, we were so enjoying. Now it was 10:03 pm we were preparing ourselves for sleep, usually I used to sleep late at night but that day I slept early. I was in a deep sleep when I heard weird sounds suddenly my mother shook me with her hard hands she said, “wake up Aisha the situation over here is worst, so we have to leave. Hurry up Aisha. When I woke up everything was outmoded. I was standing in a mountainous area, and everything seems salvage. The governors look’s scrooge and I was unable to do something for my people. When I saw corpses I felt sad and annoyed. When I was moving towards victims suddenly a rumpus sound came, I was completely unable to move. The sky was yellowish brown and the land was cracked, the area was under control by the army. The children felt extreme horror and some of the people seemed to be happy as if they were among those who show strong like towards atrocity and cruelty. You know “wherever law ends tyranny begins”. When they saw the innocent nation in great devastation in their side they were encouraged to misplace them once more especially juvenile of the nation so that they would not have the power to stand against demons like them. Suddenly I felt dizziness. After some hours, I heard a sobbing, mourning sound from everywhere which said not much but only two words “Allah u Akbar “ although those words were just two but, in fact, they gave me the courage to hold my steps Forth and I felt as if I am not alone here. Therefore, a chill of great courage arose in my heart and the feeling that now none of the devils can triumphantly yell out. Therefore, none of the innocent people will be dropped to the path which leads to disgrace, in vain, slavery. It was very difficult for us to work against terrorist (Taliban), I completely flopped in my ideas but thanks for my family who gave me a hope to step ahead and do something for my nation. Some of the people disagree with me. Day by day I diminish. I remember my grandfather saying that “no achievement is possible until we are willing to become a good Muslims. And I also remember a philosopher Allama Mohammad Iqbal saying that “step forward to save the future of the coming generation of Pakistan”. And my father told me that “Allah does not change the condition of people until they themselves wants to change their conditions by working hard to achieve that change. So because of that, I gain more courage and hope. We were still working towards the day when peace will return to Pakistan. Our leaders dedicated their lives to it, in giving the rights, equality to all men and women. Within the month more than 300 children, men and women were killed. Our nation filled with tensions. The terrorists just wanted to harass us, dampen and spoil any happiness the Pakistan nation might be having. I prayed to Allah to give the ability to fight against the tyranny of the terrorist.


9 thoughts on “Horrible day of my life.

  1. It feels so daunting and shameful at the same time.. When the whole world counts you amongst those who are doing ill-will and to face threat in our own home, nation.. May all find peace and happiness in Namaz and Quran

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  2. I don’t have words to describe the indescribable….I don’t have the appetite as well to describe the unappetising…..and i dont have the guts to describe the guttural hell these devastation throws upon the world and it’s people….

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