Barbarous act



It was Tuesday, unpleasant feeling that something is going to be wrong, the most horrific memories connected to this day. Everything was going right, but suddenly a weird rumpus sound came. I have no words for this type of terrorism because we are all just too mentally upset. I was going to my village Malakand, everyone was rushing to the east. I myself rushed to the east when I looked there I saw that it was Army public school.I closed my eyes, I stopped my breathing and I lost track of time, Shortly afterwards, one of the gunmen opened fire from the doorway, killing those who faced him.It smells like blood, death everywhere, it was like dark shadow covers our meadows.When I went down into an auditorium, I saw that between the chairs there is blood, bullet shells, body parts,”. “It’s just when you enter this room, you feel this auditorium is kind of a death trap,”. “You can feel what happened in this place.”“I did not remember anything of that day,”“I have no memory of it.”“Education is so valuable and Essential, but there is a price to be paid to be a student in Pakistan.“I always wanted to become a doctor, but now I want to be education activist to fight against terrorism and save lives,”“I don’t want to just cure my people, I just want to make sure that they never get harmed.”I will protect my country with a pen, not a gun.”Because I know the power of Pen.I heard the cries of the students and teachers. When I came closer to the gate, I was having some weird feelings and get shivering with fear”.No person or religion can justify such a barbarous act of terrorism. I said to my friends that ” we are a nation of great martyrs”. I always believe in my heart that” Peace cannot prevail without blood shades”.I had looked into glazed eyes of little soldiers, it is very hard for me to start a war. I strongly believe that destiny favours those who determine their selves to achieved that goal. I only think in my heart that” I am not alone”.I ask my father that ” the terrorist where they come from?” why are we here? Is that a human nature. My father replied that” that’s not a human nature. we are here to protect our country. that is not we are here. Yet still, we struggle to make a difference, to change the world to dream of hope never knowing for certain who we will meet along the way. I suddenly think of those people who sacrificed themselves and leaving us for good. For our great martyrs, we have to take a step. we all know that we all have to die one day so why not today. So will be called by a good name. I start thinking of my goal, but one thing was stopping me from my goal that was the deceiver. Some of the people in our society used to say that ” whatever they are doing is for the sake of Islam”. But I believed that Islam does not teach us atrocity and cruelty on students. I heard a woman saying that ” One day I was touring to Muslims countries, when I visit there I saw Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus there was one difference that makes them different from each other. When they were praying there was so much disturbance they were making. But then I looked Muslims they were so calm and was praying for so much Peace, this is what now we have to proof to the world that Muslims are not terrorists. Everyone was ready to saw their fake sympathy, but I was not ready to take their sympathy. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that ” Education is compulsory  for every men and woman”. so would they like to give me answer that if they think that they are doing for the sake of Islam, so Islam itself says that it is compulsory for every man but at the same time compulsory for a woman? I know that they will not be able to answer this question. This day was a black day in history. But our little soldiers proved that they can fight at any cost. They were trying to defeat us but, unfortunately, Allah will give us victory. Let them try and try but in this case, they will not succeed as they are happy because they heard someone saying that ” Try and try at last you will succeed”. they should remove this apprehensive  that they will not succeed.


70 thoughts on “Barbarous act

  1. aap likhte rahein khuda ka karam hai….
    aur hum padhte rahein aap ka raham hai….
    Keep writing, reading, blogging, debating, listening,sharing…..these are things you earn with efforts and nothing else….

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  2. I don’t understand that when a women saw a Hindu, a Buddhist doing prayer…what disturbance they are doing? This is where we are separated when u judge others are just noise maker and false and we are only peace maker n true. I am sorry ? This is purely wrong…i read this blog thinking that after incident of Peshawar people must get vision of introspect but sorry to say, ur post only proving the same rhetorical argues…which every extremist justify…

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    • hmm sry i didnt point any religion surender i was just saying tht they was speaking their words or something so loud but if u see muslims they always pray calm u should just check surender difference between muslims and hindu

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      • I dnt agree …dnt know abt Pakistan…but in India..they started this early morning at 4 o clock with full sound that each 10 km can listen their azan without thinking that no one is Muslim in that area. Still Hindus has this mind that they never interrupted their practice cause they believed in right of religion.


  3. Dear i must say which u think, sounds of other religions thats like azan, they do meditation, Tapshya, silence fast everything which is more quite than namaz. Moreover, u can define ur way of namaz, sufi prayers in mosque as a practice for call, but when others do its become noises.

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