Happy Independence day.

Hello guy

Its weird but awesome that im wishing you guys first (Happy independence day). I am really happy because this day is not just for Pakistanis but Muslims from all over the world.

Quaid e Azam was the founder of Pakistan. He even sacrificed hisvlife for the freedom of Muslims. He was the only leader who confronted the british brutle expansion. He never wanted to kill anybody or to fight through guns rather he fought through his words his wisdom and his sharpness. He wished to see happy successful and ful of justice Pakistan. He gave us freedom. Because of Quaid e Azam Mohammad ali jinnah we are living freedom. He was a Muslim and true follower of his last prophet Muhammad (SAW). He believed that Unity Faith and Disciple can lead successful life. He fulfilled the dream of Allama iqbal.

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Okay now its time to celebrate our independence day to all pakistanis. Pakistan is our pride and pakistan is our heart. We will not leave those who are aganist our pakistan. Every Palistani should respect the independence day. Pakistan gave us everything.

14 August 2016 is the our day. Let us give this day to thoae who sacrifices their precious life to save our future. Let us not waste their sacrifices. They left us for good and now we have to ahow that we are the nation of hope. Once again happy independence day for all Pakistanis.


Never let the darkness spreads over our beautiful meadows.

Never let the black hands of death lynches our nation.

Let us remind those who are fighting for our devastation. That we are the nation of great martyrs. The land of martyredom.

Respect your country.

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Happy independence day to you.


4 thoughts on “Happy Independence day.

  1. Happy Independence Day to you and your country. Independence should always be there in one’s mind. If you can’t think independently you are a slave of yourself. Cherish this independence. Congrats.

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