What I see!

what I see 

what I see is people begging for their rights,

what I see is people crying for their little ones,

what I see is innocent souls are stolen,

you will not believe me until you see this with your own eyes,

I see blood everywhere 


of the little amount of water.

I see corpses everywhere 


of living happily creatures

what I see is death lunches over our meadows,

I see people requesting for justice


they are not being given their rights,

I see hatred covered our nation,

I see people forgetting their past 


the past will not forget them,

what I see terrorism and atrocity evéywhere


we cannot let them die 

just because they cannot afford to live.


20 thoughts on “What I see!

      1. I have nt seen directly anything but have seen from tv and newspaper and its very disturbng and painful indeed.

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