It’s more about being observant!


One day I’ll be renown, successful, happy and affluent says every person when in a determined state of mind. This composure, demureness and the eagle’s vision is restrained only for a particular timespan. Ask yourself why?!Transiently, everything fades off.

Today I behold a honored and wealthy businessman and thus say I’ll do everything I can to become rich.
Tomorrow when I find happiness in fame, I favour that part of life. Synonymously, one day I see some engineer working for the society, and I desire to resemble his type of work someday.

So should I deduce ourselves to be highly swerving and susceptible to change kind of people? Because I DREAM A NEW DREAM EVERYDAY, I WISH A NEW WISH EVERYDAY?

Thinking.jpg Downcast eyes! Low confidence! But thinking

I kept on brooding over that simple question, as if asking it for umpteenth time would beget an answer.
Incredulously, even some proverbs…

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