First Blog Post: How To Just Be Yourself


Troubles of a Twenty-Something

Ahh, here we go! The beginning of the beginning! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad nervous about putting myself out there. A few uncomfortable butterflies made their way into my tummy as I sat down at my keyboard this morning; what do I write!? And as my coffee cup got emptier and emptier yet my word doc remained just as blank I realised the staggeringly obvious: it doesn’t really matter.

Overthinking about how I may be perceived – will you like my first piece?  Will you judge me for this? How can I give you what you want? – defeats the point of my blog being, well, me. I couldn’t possibly put on an online persona and still make my writing sound convincing. So I’ll just be me and hope for the best. And suddenly that dingy little light bulb above my head lit up. An issue we…

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21 thoughts on “First Blog Post: How To Just Be Yourself

  1. crystalamay

    Somewere I read ur queries,even I am nt a great person to give advice as I am also new,but what I learned in one month is having the good posts is not enough , u need people to read it,wordpress is filled with wonderful people,go in search of ur readers .you can follow my followers too,they are wonderful people.

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