Be prepared


I saw the people are around me, they hear weeping, sobbing out loudly, 

But what’s wrong with me?

Why am I unable to stop them?

Their voices hurt me a lot, rather It’s like they are putting knife in my heart,

but why am I unable to stop them as I used to do?

They are talking about me, but not listening to me.

I need someone to console me but no one is listening to me.

Why? why? Ohh-hh hh.

Why are they so offensive, cruel, inhuman.

OH! what’s happening,


Stop them,

 They are taking me to an unknown, terrific area,

Where I can see only a deep dark hole,

It’s really terrible.

I’m so afraid,

It’s a horrific sight.


 I could hear their voices,

But they won’t listen to me.

Don’t look at me like that because,

Yesterday I was just like you and tomorrow you will be like me 

Lying under six feet…

My own relatives,

even my beloved parents,

brothers, and sisters…

Oh, my god?

They are putting me in a dug hole, It’s too deep.

“Somebody help me,

help me, 

I beg of you,

it’s completely isolated.”

Thée is no bed,

there is no room,

as well furnished room.

It’s only a deep isolated hole.

They left me alone here in this hole and didn’t even peep back.

I am not their child,

their sister.


Why did they do such a thing?

Now as the time has passed,

I cannot see them,

It’s like I’m blind,

totally disabled, Inhuman these people are,

 because they left me alone here and didn’t care about me.

As a short passage of time passed.

I recalled that this might be the life that I was told once.

Oh! finally, I got it.

How hastily the time has just passed…

I never knew something was waiting for me,

It’s keenly waiting for me,

That’s undoubted “my real house”.

I didn’t imagine in a shorter period of time I’d be brought here.

Now I want to tell the people to be prepared for this day.

But Alas! I can’t come back.

I want to tell those people who have forgotten every real thing,

And involved in worldly desires.

I want to tell the people who daily come here just to show their sympathy,

I want to tell them they are just wasting their time.

I want to advise them , 

Instead of coming and showing sympathy to me,

prepare yourself for this day.

Hence, you’ll not hesitate from coming to this place.

Don’t you know once I was just like you?

And in upcoming moments you’ll be lying here just like me (indeed)


Your grave is waiting for you!

And your death is on its way…..

Death isn’t the cease of your story.



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