The father of humanitarians

It had taken time to realize the value of the most humble person, who taught us humanity language, which blind can see and deaf can hear.

Such sadness makes us say what we and other feels about humanitarian..

According to him ” No religion is higher than humanity”.

He left us for good and wanted his work to be continue even after his death. He donated his cornea in order to help those who needed. He struggled for a long time in his life, who proved not only Edhi but proved that poor people are often most generous. He taught us to believe in dreams and to believe that life is full of obstacles which a true and brave can face it with bravery.

It is been said” A coward dies one thousand times, A brave man dies but once”.

Last but not the least  it is our duty to continue his work and whatever he left behind to be fulfilled. May his soul rest in peace.


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