Life makes every moment into a terrible story…

Behind everyone life, there is a mysterious story hiding

 life writes every moment of a world into the worst  paragraph.

the life becomes best when your  are best,

but life becomes worst when you are bad.

The life won’t remains the same as you think.

If you do much for the life

the life will give you more you have ever thought.

the life gives us pains, not to hurt us 

but to make us strong enough to face the negative situation with a positive attitude.

Do not ever depend yourself on the life

let the life depends on you.

The life gives us so many tests not to fail us,

but to teach us the lesson not to give up.

Life is too short to think but long enough to work.

The life starts with the most beautiful chapter but ends with a terrible chapter.

“Time not to think, a time to try it once in your life”


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