Last words for mother.


my last words will be

” Mom I love you more than my life and everyone else “

my last words for my mother will be 

“Mom you are the only person in life whom I can trust and share my secrets”

” Mom I only feel and realize you when nobody is with me”

” I can’t see you cry mom “

Mom I will never cry if i leave you

but I will writhe when i will miss you

Mom I am never want to give up on you without putting up fight.

I feel alone and sad.

whenever I sleep i remember your sweet lullaby.

I always smiles mom just because I can’t laugh.

I can’t let my tears out just because I can’t cry.

Mom I alway smile not just because i want to forget you 

but want to make you happy.

Mom nobody knows me better than you.

whenever you are with me 

I feel happy and peaceful 


Mom I can’t sleep on the brick 

I cannot explain the love in my heart for you.

Mom I remember the nights you used to cry for me.

Mom you only know that I am scared of dark.

I can’t sleep in dark without you.

I can’t lie just because I do not want to hurt you.

Mom I do not want to make friends because

I am afraid of leaving a person who gave me so much memories.

Mom I only miss you when i breath.

I really loves you mom just the way tree loves water and sunshine.

you are the best mom ever.

I don’t want to say 

“Good Bye to you forever”


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